Amsterdam's very own Fresh Food Market
Located on Route 30 (across from Burger King)

Here are just some of the unique products

you'll find at Liberty Fresh Market:

All Natural Hormone-Free Milk Products

Sold in glass bottles from Dygert Farm in Palatine Bridge, NY.


Farm Fresh Produce

Straight from the fields of this area's fertile family-owned farms. Every day is a Farmer's Market Day at Liberty Fresh Market!

Palatine Cheese Co.

A scrumptious selection of fresh, perfectly balanced cheeses from the Palatine Cheese Co. in Nelliston, NY.

Rulison Honey

A taste of honey from the hives of Amsterdam's own Rulison Farms.

And Many More

  • Entire lines of GMO-Free Products.
  • Fresh homemade pastas & pasta sauces.
  • A huge array of healthy dried snack alternatives that are both MSG and preservative free.
  • Farm fresh eggs & all-natural yogurts.
  • Brooks Barbecue Sauces.
  • A chef's worthy selection of spices and seasonings

Meat Offerings

Elk Meat- Creek's Edge Elk Farm

~ Kielbasa
~ Ground Beef

~ Steaks- Cubed, Delmonico and Filet

Smoked Pork- Oscar's Smokehouse

~ Kielbasa

~ Pork Chops

~ Black Forest Ham

~ Canadian Bacon


~ Ground Beef
~ Tenderloin

~ Chuck Roast

~ Brisket

~ Steaks- Ribeye & Sirloin

The market also offers lamb, pork chops & bacon (not smoked) and sweet Italian sausage.